Check Your February LES For These 3 Pay Problems

Get your February Leave and Earnings Statement from MyPay today.

Take a moment to look it over. It’s important to review your LES each month. Not only to see what your end of month pay will be, but to check for errors or confirm any pay changes.

February Military Pay Problems | Are your Roth TSP contributions what you want them to be?

One thing to check out is your Roth TSP contributions, if any. As of 1 Feb, the new method of calculating Roth TSP contributions is by percentage rather than dollar amount. You should have heard that several times over by now from me, DFAS, bloggers, and other outlets.

Is your next paycheck as much as you think it will be?

We also found out that for many service members Roth TSP contributions were not accounted for in their mid-month pay. Consequently, your end of month pay could be significantly less than your 13 February paycheck.

Did DFAS mess up your leave balance?

The third recent pay and leave issue has to do with so-called “use or lose” leave. While you earn 30 days of leave per year, historically anything above 60 days accrued – days that you didn’t “use” – disappeared, or were ”lost”, at the end of the fiscal year, 30 September. Due to operationally tempo in recent years that number was bumped up to 75. On 1 October 2014 DFAS dropped the use-or-lose threshold back to 60 days. Several service members with use-or-lose balances have seen incorrect numbers on their LESs. Kate Horrell deserves a kudos for breaking that news here.

Save Your LES

I always thought that this goes without saying, but apparently it does not. Download your LES and keep it for future reference. DFAS only keeps your latest 12 LESs available online. Trust me: you have not yet had your last pay problem. Someday you may need to go back 13 months, 18 months, or more to get enough information to fix a pay problem. Remember to click “Printer Friendly Version” to save it as a .pdf.